Litigation isn’t planned. Restore your legacy data when you need it most.

The Scenario: Your company’s archive data is trapped in backup software; some current, some in legacy systems that have been replaced. Keeping legacy systems running is a drain on financial and human resource, leaving your IT team less time for innovation or transformation.

Our Data Restoration Services are customised to ensure that your legacy data on backup tapes can be restored quickly, reliably and defensibly in the event of an e-discovery or litigation request. And with guaranteed SLAs and the option of one-time support or an ongoing, managed programme, you’ll know you’re always covered.

What if you could:

  • Shut down legacy backup systems?
  • Simplify the move to new technologies?
  • Seamlessly combine information in the event of a merger or acquisition?
  • Save time and headaches by outsourcing tape management?
  • Have fast access to data on your legacy tapes for compliance and litigation?

Our Data Restoration Services offering includes three components:

  1. Tape Identification: We identify which servers have been backed up to which tapes and when.. This is helpful in the event that you no longer have your tape catalogues. Advantage: You save time and money by reducing the number of tapes from which you need to restore data in the event of a compliance or e-discovery request.
  2. Data Restoration: We restore data from your tapes and deliver that data back to you ready to use. Your IT department no longer has to get involved in data restoration requests. Advantage: Your restoration requests will be dealt with promptly to agreed timescales and service levels.
  3. Restoration Assurance Programme: This programme includes offsite tape vaulting and a managed restoration service. This gives you fast access to support when you need it and a lower rate for projects when compliance or litigation requests come along. Advantage: You minimise the cost of data restoration events. You can also shut down legacy systems to save on the cost of keeping them available.

Your Restoration Assurance Programme is a solution tailored to your specific needs. Contact us to find out more.