Minimise cost and damage when disaster strikes

When most people think of ‘disasters’, they tend to think of the kinds of one-off events that lead to the total destruction of property and everything within it. Of course, while this does happen, the reality is likely to be somewhat smaller in scale. Data loss is more often partial. It can be anything from a lost directory up to the failure of a core system. Whatever the scope of the problem, you need to be confident that you have a data recovery plan in place that can recover quickly enough to minimise the cost and damage to the business.

Some data is obviously more critical to your business. Likewise, data from different applications differs markedly in terms of volume. These factors will have a direct impact on whether you decide to create physical (tape or disk) or digital (cloud) back-ups. Furthermore, considering these factors will improve your ability to establish and meet recovery-time and recovery-point objectives (RTOs and RPOs).

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